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Generally, we buy at a pretty big discount relative to what your home is worth.

Good neighborhoods where homes are selling faster, we can pay a little more than a marginal neighborhood. However, if you are willing to owner finance the sale of your home, we can pay up to 94% of the retail value. We will put down a deposit and have a balloon payment ( where you get all of your money) within 7 years of closing. So lets look at an example. If your home is worth $200,000 we can pay you $188,000 with $9,400 down and payments of $888.00 for 72 months and then pay you off the balance. In general, if you need an all cash sale and need to close within 10 days we need a minimum of 25% discount. Every home is different, so don't assume that we can not help you. If your house is in foreclosure and you owe more than the house is worth, we may be able to get the bank to agree to take less for the home. This is called a short sale. Can we pay near full price for your home? Yes, if you are willing to owner finance at favorable terms. If not, then no, we have to buy at a discount in order to make a profit on the purchase of your Orlando home.

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